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The all-round development of children going to schools with less than basic resources and amenities, have very little chance of bettering their lives, largely due to lack of academic requirement and also skills required for success in any future profession.They are as capable as the other kids and we owe it to them to get an equal chance at success and a productive life.

WECAN LEARNING RESOURCE INSTITUTE is already addressing this issue for the partnering schools, and at the centre

  • Communicative English is a necessary part not only for success in school  but also for any profession or vocation children may follow. It will be a regular part of the programme, with a formal curriculum, conducted by experienced educators.

  • Basic computer skills and a taste of animation and graphics will pave the way for an easier existence in the upcoming competitive environment for children. This too will be a regular activity which will be application based to suit real requirements in any profession.

  • Functional Mathematics can be developed as a skill at a very early age. Conceptual learning, tips and  tricks  become a habit and are very helpful in professional life.

  • Logical Reasoning activities


Some Activities Conducted: 

Book Reading, Vocabulary and Word Association Games, Story Telling, Group work and making presentations, Silence Activity, Meditation, Word Association Game, Making the Word Wall

All the above, are incorporated in an age-appropriate manner in the Camp. It is a heartening experience to perceive the young learners’ enthusiasm, zeal and to top it all their excellent teamwork. Along with all these the young campers never forget to enjoy themselves to the fullest. If these strategies are meaningfully integrated with in regular classroom transactions, significant learning enhancement will be visible.

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