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SAVITUR- A Special School

Savitur is a nursery school for children with mild to moderate challenges like autism, ADHD, ADD, cognitive impairment, Downs syndrome or Aspergers. Children look forward to being in a safe and enabling environment with a daily routine that makes them self-reliant. The IEP (individual educational plan) is prepared to help them to reach their potential, in order to prepare them for a mainstream life to whatever extent possible.

These children have communication problems, socializing issues, rigidity of thought processes and may also have lack of physical coordination.

Our structured school like set-up helps in many ways:

  • They benefit a lot by watching others around them.

  • Montessori lessons on grace and courtesy allow children the opportunity to learn and practice appropriate social interactions.

  • They learn conversational skills, how to make eye contact, facial expressions, and body  language.

  • They will also watch other children use materials before they themselves choose to participate.

  • Because the Montessori curriculum is by its nature, inclusive, the children feel safe and secure in the environment.

  • It is the perfect place to learn and grown at their own pace.

  • The prepared environment and the predictable daily routines offers stability for children with special needs.

  • All activities revolve around the special needs of each child, and basic therapies ensure all round intervention for individual needs.

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