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Inclusive education is a human right, it's good education and it makes good social sense.

Human Rights

• All children have the right to learn together.
• Children should not be devalued or discriminated against by being excluded or sent away because of their disability or learning difficulty.
• Disabled adults, describing themselves as special school survivors, are demanding an end to segregation.
• There are no legitimate reasons to separate children for their education. Children belong together with advantages and benefits for everyone. They do not need to be protected from each other.

  • Experience Firsthand
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Good Education

• Research shows children do better, academically and socially in integrated settings.
• There is no teaching or care in a segregated school, which cannot take place in an inclusive setup.
• Given commitment and support, inclusive education is a more efficient use of educational resources.

Good Social Sense

• Segregation teaches children to be fearful, ignorant and breeds prejudice.
• All children need an education that will help them develop relationships and prepare them for life in the mainstream.
• Only inclusion has the potential to reduce fear and build friendship, respect and understanding.


Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE), Bristol, United Kingdom.

The child's teachers, family members, friends and special education experts can all work as a team to help your child. Together they can ensure that the child has every opportunity for success. Children with special needs do achieve success. They can reach their goals, if their goals are designed to be right for them.

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