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Children with special needs must be helped to develop at their own pace and optimize their individual potential. As parents and as educators, we can help children achieve this goal through an education plan that meets their needs as individuals. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) outlines realistic and achievable goals and provides the framework for each student to experience success, and move ahead at their own individual learning rate. The IEP identifies any additions or changes to the regular school program that should be made for an individual student to make sure that all students have an educational program that meets their specific needs.

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The IEP is designed to be an enabling process. The document is developed from a positive perspective with an understanding of the student strengths and needs.


An IEP outlines:

  • The student goals.

  • The strategies used and the special services (student support team responsibilities) required to support the student in meeting their goals.

  • Documentation of how student progress will be measured.

  • Adaptations and modifications to the program that support the student in meeting their goals.


It is reviewed regularly and updated three times a year or more often depending on the need of the student.

The IEP review provides an opportunity to celebrate the student's accomplishments.

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