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wecan impact on the society

Running a multidisciplinary centre, partnering 11 educational institutions across diverse socio-economic backgrounds, working with more than a hundred educators of varying experiences and touching the lives of more than 2500 children along the way has been quite a journey.

We face glaring problems head on, work on best possible solutions, our initiatives focus on being able to help all those thousands of kids out there. Our ways are tried, tested and do-able. Most importantly, we remain true to ourselves, it’s incredible how much more effective change is when it's authentic.


For all our Partner school it has become a way of life. Resource rooms have been set up, our qualified educators implemented, demonstrated, trained and held their hands until they could do it themselves. At least 60-70% children have been mainstreamed in these partnerships. The rest are guided towards other relevant channels like open schooling and/or pre-vocational skill building.

Inclusive Education


In our bid to promote inclusive education we have been conducting awareness workshops and seminars from day one. The weCan seminar- ‘Creating a Mind without Fear’ had all prominent schools of Kolkata on board, which served as an eye opener to chart our course in the coming years.



Training and 

Training  is an intrinsic part of our mantra. Every institution we partner, the focus remains on training the trainers. Training on how to identify special needs in a children, how to include the children in the classroom and how to give the children a dignified existence in spite of differences. Each educator we work with goes through at least a hundred hours of upgradation and training.  



Creating customized


Content creation has helped us create a bigger impact. Our library of more than 5000 worksheets, more than 300 digitalized lessons, hundreds of concept building audio-visual clips, and ready to use lesson plans for every level which will help educators implement differentiated teaching in a classroom, all these are shared with the educators for better  delivery.



Assessments are the key to remediation. The competency ladder formulated by our team on the basis of NCERT, has helped us identify weak links in the foundational knowledge of primary school children. Once those weak links are addressed and minimized. 

We have successfully assessed more than a thousand children from the primary section.


Learning Camps

Children learn better in a non-threatening environment. The conventional classroom can have adverse effects on children who cannot keep up. Keeping this in mind we conduct activity based learning camps with specific outcomes for mainstream schools. It promotes all 21st century educational guidelines- communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills. 

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Employability Skills

From an early age, children can be taught skills which will be useful life long- whichever proffession they may follow. At weCan, children from less priviledged backgrounds specially, are given these sessions which comprise of communicative English, Functional Mathematics & Digital Literacy. These sessions will always give them a step up not only in their academic life but also in the competitive proffessional world beyond. 

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