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Related Topics of ADHD 


This is an effort to share some basic information about ADHD. It is intended to provide a starting point, specific issues in more detail will have to be investigated from other sources.

Hyperactive symptoms are present when a child, without any apparent reason, is more active than other children his or her age during sleep time, meals, homework, games, and all other activities. A child who moves constantly, becomes frustrated easily, is very impulsive, and constantly blames others for problems is also demonstrating signs of hyperactivity. According to many experts, the child is having difficulty controlling his or her behaviour because the part of the brain responsible for self-control is working at a slower pace.

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Attention deficit is shown by difficulties working on tasks, procrastination, difficulty making an adequate effort, and constant forgetting of what has been said.


ADD/ADHD is also often accompanied by:
• low self-esteem; problems with peers; mood swings; being easily frustrated; limited organizational skills;
• developmental, learning and coordination problems;
• increased sensitivity to allergens (eg. pollen);
• temper outbursts;
• increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse.

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