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Children who cannot follow a CBSE /ICSE curriculum, are given an opportunity to complete their schooling through open schooling (OBE and NIOS ). The central board offers an alternative curriculum to students to pursue their education goals. The OBE /NIOS study centre at weCan is a systematically run programme, its processes are fine-tuned every step of the way and there is a constantly evolving library of study material as per current requirement. Supporting audio visual aids are plentiful and are being regularly upgraded.

Because the groups are small, the children get on-to-one attention and also participate in group activities like yoga, public speaking, dramatization and other confidence building activities. Computer classes are aimed at imparting basic computer skills which will be required for any profession/ vocation they will be taking up in future.

The programme is conducted in complete coordination with parents. After the initial counselling and briefing, the study plan and curriculum is handed over to the parent so that they are an integral part of the day to day studies and monitoring. They are guided through the registration procedure, and the children appear for their exams after thorough preparation and practice. Behavioural issues are discussed and addressed by experts.


We are proud to say that our children succeed in the exams with good marks, their aspirations rise and they work harder towards achieving. They start dreaming big.

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