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Additional Activities

Covid times made us look at digitalization of our content and during the last year we focused on digitalization of the NIOS/ OBE content. All chapters of all subjects for classes 9 and 10 have been converted to AV modules, complete with task analysis, review and revision sheets in each chapter. We have converted almost 150 chapter across 7 subjects which are being used not only for online classes but also for live classes at the centre. 

We took this opportunity to reach out to children who needed our support from distant and rural areas. Transport and distance issues no longer seem to be a barrier to our services. Online services and home plans will now be a big part of our future plans.  We will also develop content to provide intervention services to children with autism/ ADHD and development delays. Videos to teach activities for daily living and functional academics are all in the pipeline.

Last year, the content developed for Suryoday. Total Learning was completed. It is a complete set of resource books for teachers of Primary school. These are handbooks created and compiled from a variety of resources. They have concept building sheets, plenty of practice sheets and web links as ready reference for audio visual methods. We already have plenty of audio-visual aids and apps, and our library of videos gets richer every year.

The vibrant resource room is very efficiently run by our own team members- it follows a professional library system wherein parents, educators and children can borrow, learn and use.

R&D and content creation go hand in hand, it’s a constant work in progress at weCan, updation and course correction is part of our culture and we use a lot of resources, to create new and relevant resources continuously.