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weCan provides remedial intervention to children with learning challenges from mainstream schools. Due to their learning disability, some children who attend mainstream schools may develop a gap between their actual performance and expected performance. Our focus is to help the child deal with his condition and teach him strategies to work around it and learn in spite of it.

These children need Individual Education Plans and expert-trained educators to implement those plans. Academic support through regular intervention and supporting therapies along with tried-and-tested teaching methods help in bridging these gaps. This requires active participation from the parent and the school authorities; it is a full-fledged partnership programme between weCan educators, therapists, the parent, the mainstream educators and the counsellor.

The weCan Way

  • Academic assessment

  • Academic intervention as per the Individual Education Plan

  • We train and mentor teachers in best teaching practices and effective classroom management.

  • Parent interaction, guiding and tutoring

  • Regular review and appropriate modifications in IEPs

  • Regular coordination with school authorities.

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