Suryoday, the weCan programme for the underprivileged, is providing academic support to many children from economically backward homes. The objective is to provide remedial intervention to children with learning gaps, so that the chances of becoming “dropouts” are minimized. This service is provided free of charge to existing under-privileged schools, orphanages and individual children from the locality.

The umbrella term ‘under-privileged’ can be divided into many segments, each having its unique character and issues. Our aim is to implement standardized systems, materials and strategies for each institution we work with. Online systems will enable us to reach quality education to a larger number of children even in remote areas.

The weCan Way

  • We are enablers

  • We enable the school to create balanced time-tables and curriculums, and to formulate effective and curriculums, and to formulate effective systems.

  • We train and mentor teachers in best teaching practices and effective classroom management.

  • We hand-hold and guide them till it becomes a part of their intrinsic school culture.

  • We provide customized content.

  • Emphasis is on using techniques which are do-able and affordable.

  • Pre-vocational skill building activities like Communicative English, Mental Maths and Digital Literacy prepare the children for a productive future.