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As soon as Covid surfaced in the beginning of 2020, it brought about huge changes in every sphere of life, including the education system. At weCan, we realized the long term impact on our students. Learning gaps which already existed, would only widen if we waited for the virus to die down. Big gaps are bad news and our entire mission of “RAISING THE BAR AND BRIDGING THE GAPS” would be defeated.

Our online Classes, which began as a stop gap system of imparting education, has now evolved like never before. It has opened so many new avenues and doors for students as well as educators.

  • We now have an elaborate, exhaustive library of digitalized content appropriate for online teaching.

  • Our educators have been formally trained for conducting online session, sharing resources, handling assignments and keeping a record of work done, all on Google Classrooms.

  • We take this as an opportunity to cater to the students who were unable to get remedial services, due to distance, transport and other logistic hurdles.

  • Parents are a part of the process, so support at home becomes fruitful and wholesome.

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  • Our future plans even post Covid, will now be a balance of online classes and physical presence, which will be easier on time, energy and money for parents, and students.

  • Our students and teachers are by default getting better prepared for the digital world looming large in the near future.


Long distance education is now an important service we offer, thanks to the evolution of our online systems.

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