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  • Parents play an important role in the success of children. Their understanding, commitment and support are essential ingredients of a child’s education, and schools benefit tremendously from the active involvement of parents, grandparents, and the extended families. More so, for children with special needs.

  • Parent’s inputs are as valuable as educators and other professionals within the school system because they spend a larger part of the day with the children, they know, observe, experience and understand better than anyone else.

  • A child experiencing difficulties does not imply bad parenting. To a parent, every child is special, a special child is especially special, and parents must know that they are not alone in having a child with special needs.

  • Blame game will not help when his needs are being discussed. Parents, school and professionals must be partners in determining the best strategies for the child to be successful and reach his potential.

  • Parents of children with special needs usually have many questions and concerns regarding their child’s diagnosis and care — questions which they may sometimes be hesitant to ask. Please remember, you have a right to know about your child. It is in the best interest for your child to feel comfortable with professionals and request any kind of support you need.

  • Parent’s support will ensure that the strategies being implemented in the school are being complemented by activities at home. Consistency is a key element in the success of children with special needs.

  • Perhaps most importantly, full and active participation by parents, other family members, as well as teachers and learning specialists, will reassure the child that he or she is a unique, special, and cherished individual.

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