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from denial to acceptance

Denial is what a lot of parents cling to. It is normal. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT EASY. It is a natural and a necessary reaction to anything unpleasant or unexpected. For every parent, the child born to them is perfect. Acceptance of any deviation from ‘normal’ is hard. But once it’s diagnosed- It’s time to come to terms with the term – AUTISM. It opens up one’s mind to possibilities and plans to deal with it. It becomes a part of one’s life. Acceptance makes it a happier life.


  • The unknown is terrifying.

  • We don’t want to believe it. It can’t be true. It just can’t be.

  • Our doctor advised us to “wait to see”.

  • I don’t have time for this. I didn’t plan this into my life.

  • He’s not that bad. He’s just having a bad week/month/year.

  • We don’t have autism in our family.

  • It’s just a phase and he’ll grow out of it. Right?


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The longer you wait to accept the diagnosis, the more precious time your child loses. Early Intervention is KEY!


  • There is information. There is support. There is treatment. There are kids healing. Lots of them.

  • Exposure to various support groups and parents with autistic children can ease fears

  • Without appropriate support, children will not develop effective social skills and may speak or behave in ways that create challenges.

  • Very few individuals can deal with autism without any intervention.

  • Parents who think that all they have to do is attempt to “cure” the child are also in denial.

  • If you don’t get the Autism label for your child, then you are leaving it to everyone in the community to give your child the label of their choice.

  • Last but not the least- HOPE. Hope outweighs denial. Hope is achievable. Hope is real. Hope heals.

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