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Related Topics of IEP 

  • Brief outline of past assessments and dates (both formal and informal assessments)

  • Current skills levels (what the student knows and can do)

  • Degree of participation in the regular class programmes, and those that require adaptation/modification

  • Essential information, including relevant medical, and school background

  • How the student learns best

  • Student needs in the following areas: academic, social/emotional, behavioural, physical (eg.hearing, vision, fine motor etc), language/ communication, life skills)

  • Realistic and achievable student goals appropriate to the student in one or more of the above areas. (What the student will do to demonstrate learning)

  • Team responsibility for supporting the student goal, and the strategies that will be put in place to support the student goal (where it will take place and for how long)

  • Documentation to show how progress will be measured towards each goal

  • Review date

  • Plans for the next transition.

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