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Related Topics of Gifted Children


Some of the characteristics and personality traits common to gifted children can create a variety of problems for the children, as well as for their parents, and their teachers. Being aware of these potential problems can enable parents and others who work with these children to be on the lookout for ways to help them.

  • Gifted children often demonstrate high levels of independent thinking. This trait can lead children to question authority in ways that create disciplinary problems.

  • Some gifted children have very high levels of natural curiosity and energy, which may result in them being labelled as difficult.

  • Many gifted children would rather work alone than in groups, and in some cases they may not develop adequate social skills.

  • Sometimes gifted children develop an unusually wide or narrow range of interests, either of which can pose problems.

  • Another trait common to gifted children is a heightened degree of emotional sensitivity, which may cause unusually strong reactions to events that would be less traumatic for other children.

  • Perfectionism is another frequent challenge to the emotional well-being and academic success of gifted children.

  • Sometimes gifted children are seen as “bossy” or “the brain,” and it is sometimes difficult for gifted students to make friends. As a result, they can be very lonely.

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