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Related Topics of Gifted Children


There are a variety of approaches that can be used to meet the needs of gifted learners. In the school setting. Changes in the following areas may be useful:


Gifted learners generally absorb materials at a faster pace, work well with abstractions, and make learning connections easily. Therefore, they respond well to a variety of materials presented at a faster pace and at higher instructional levels than other students their age. Strategies to provide content at an appropriate learning level include accelerated learning, learning more materials in a shorter period of time, more independent study opportunities, and the use of libraries.

Processes and Outcomes

Some examples of ways a student can show their learning are through models, diagrams, letters, videos, debates, displays, multimedia presentations, sculptures, and dramatizations.

Learning Environment

Changes in the learning environment to assist gifted students can include providing physical, social, and emotional stimuli and support, as well as involving the study of famous people. Gifted students can also be helped by people around them in their homes, schools, and communities. Some of the strategies to try include those outlined below.

Realistic expectations are the key. Gifted children need to be adequately challenged, but it is also important to not expect too much of them. Some gifted children have particular strengths in some areas, but they may not excel at everything. It is crucial that the children not be put under too much pressure to perform.

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