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Related Topics of Learning Disability 


Mathematical disability

Signs and Symptoms

  • Shows difficulty understanding concepts of place value, quantity, number lines, positive and negative value, carrying and borrowing, fractions etc.

  • Has difficulty understanding and doing word problems

  • Has difficulty sequencing information or events

  • Exhibits difficulty using steps involved in math operations

  • Is challenged making change and handling money

  • Displays difficulty recognizing patterns when adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing

  • Has difficulty understanding concepts related to time such as days, weeks, months, seasons, quarters, etc.

  • Exhibits difficulty organizing problems on the page.

  • Experience Firsthand
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General Strategies

  • Allow use of fingers and rough paper

  • Use diagrams and draw math concepts

  • Provide peer assistance

  • Suggest use of coloured pencils to differentiate problems

  • Draw pictures of word problems

  • Use mnemonic devices to learn steps of a math concept

  • Schedule computer time for the student for drill and practice

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