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Struggle with identifying letters or shapes, completing puzzles, or completing math problems

Signs and Symptoms

  • May have reversals: b for d, p for q or inversions: u for n, w for m

  • Has difficulty negotiating around campus

  • Complains eyes hurt and itch, rubs eyes, complains print blurs while reading

  • Turns head when reading across page or holds paper at odd angles

  • Closes one eye while working, may yawn while reading

  • Cannot copy accurately

  • Loses place frequently

  • Does not recognize an object/word if only part of it is shown

  • Holds pencil too tightly; often breaks pencil point/crayons

  • Struggles to cut or paste

  • Misaligns letters; may have messy papers, which can include letters colliding, irregular spacing, letters not on line



  • Avoid grading for handwriting

  • Allow students to dictate creative stories

  • Provide alternative for written assignments

  • Experience Firsthand
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  • Suggest use of pencil grips and specially designed pencils and pens

  • Allow use of computer or word processor

  • Restrict copying tasks

  • Use large print books

  • Plan to order or check out books on tape

  • Experiment with different paper types: pastels, graph, embossed raised line paper

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